Privacy policy

  • The personal data may only be collected for treatment and subjected to such treatment, if they are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they were obtained.
  • The personal data processed may not be used for purposes incompatible with those for which the data were collected. Further processing of data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes shall not be considered incompatible.
  • The personal data shall be accurate and updated so that they respond truthfully to the current situation of the affected.
  • The personal data will be deleted when they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected or recorded. There shall be kept in a manner which permits identification of data subjects for longer than is necessary for the purposes on the basis of which they were collected or recorded.
  • The personal data shall be stored so as to permit the exercise of the right of access, unless they are legally canceled.
  • Data collection is prohibited by fraudulent, unfair or illegal.